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Seasonal Workers

Bring Seasonal Workers Into Your Workplace Community


Keep all employees updated in real-time

Deliver high-priority messages, share important updates, and boost productivity with a communications platform that brings your people together.

Maximize visibility across your entire workforce 

Getting your message across doesn’t need to be a hassle. Eliminate the need to juggle multiple messaging apps with a streamlined approach to communication that keeps everyone informed, engaged, and productive. 


Unio was designed to simplify workplace communication while protecting your data every step of the way. Post announcements, review feedback, check in with individual team members—do it all and more with Unio. 


Staying in sync has never been easier  

Give your team members all the functionality they need to do their best work, including messaging, conferencing, file sharing, and more. Stay organized, connect instantly, and maximize efficiency while saving up to 40% in comparison to a traditional Microsoft license. 


  • Unify your workforce with a single communications tool 

  • Start private conversations without sharing personal information 

  • Create group chats for different teams 

  • Browse active and inactive directories 

A secure platform for all your workplace communication needs 


Keep everyone on the same page 

Make sure important announcements, time-sensitive due dates, and specific to-do items are understood across your organization. Check in with individual workers whenever necessary. 


Rely on best-in-class encryption 

Unio was built with data security at its core. We keep your private communications encrypted using AES-256, SHA-512, Argon 2ID, AES 256 GSM, ECDSA secP521r1, and web crypto. 


Compliance without the hassle 

Staying compliant has never been easier. Focus on what matters most while remaining fully cooperative with regulatory frameworks such as HIPAA, GDPR, and PIPEDA. 


Boost productivity with better functionality 

Eliminate the need for multiple messaging apps with a single communications platform that does it all, from file sharing to voice and video conferencing.  

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Call for personalized support 

Don’t waste time on hold. Get the support you need when you need it with Unio’s dedicated team of technical experts and customer service specialists. 


Bring your people together 

Give your seasonal workers a central hub for communication that promotes inclusivity, drives engagement, and affects performance. 

Cultivate company culture beyond the workplace 

Build a sense of community among seasonal employees with Unio’s integrated newsfeed. Celebrate successes, boost engagement, and stay connected all year round. 


  • Reach your entire workforce in one place 

  • Share important updates, upcoming events, changes in leadership, and more 

  • Track engagement across posts 

  • Make sure important announcements get read 


Reimagine the way your workplace communicates with Unio   

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