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Give Your People A Unified Voice Wherever They’re Working 


Stay organized with a single platform for all communications

Eliminate the need for multiple messaging apps. Mobilize dedicated groups, share important updates, and announce upcoming events—all in one location. 

Keep your municipality connected with a communications platform that does it all 

So much happens within every municipality that needs to be shared, whether a month in advance or at a moment’s notice. Bring together teams of all levels and service areas with a streamlined approach to communication. 


Unio makes sure your lines of communication are clear, consistent, and targeted to the right people. Alert, inform, mobilize, and discuss—Unio was designed to simplify the way community information is shared.


Get in touch with the right people, faster 

Every year, every municipality endures some type of emergency. A secure, reliable, and simplified communications solution can minimize service disruptions, loss of life, property destruction, and more. In every case, fast and effective communication represents the key to a coordinated response. 


  • Maximize visibility and unify your municipality with a single communications tool 

  • Create dedicated groups for every department, division, and team

  • Effortlessly connect to other agencies 

Reimagine the way your municipality communicates 


Rely on best-in-class encryption 

Unio was built with data security at its core. We keep your private communications encrypted using AES-256, SHA-512, Argon 2ID, AES 256 GSM, ECDSA secP521r1, and web crypto. 


Empower crisis responders 

Make sure critical information gets where it needs to as fast as possible with a platform that keeps your emergency responders connected when it matters most. 


Compliance without the hassle 

Unio makes it easier than ever to stay compliant. Focus on what matters most while remaining effortlessly compliant with regulatory frameworks such as HIPAA, GDPR, and PIPEDA. 


Collaborate with ease 

Eliminate the need for multiple messaging apps with a single communications platform that does it all, from file sharing to voice and video conferencing.  


Maximize visibility across departments 

Keep your municipality in sync with a platform that lets you deliver time-sensitive information, track engagement, and time stamp conversations. 


Break down silos 

Unify your municipality with a powerful communications tool that promotes inclusivity, drives engagement, and upholds your core values. 

Foster a sense of community within your municipality 

Improve awareness, boost engagement, and strengthen advocacy by moving toward a more connected community. Unio’s integrated newsfeed makes it easy to connect where it counts. 


  • Share upcoming events, new programs, important updates, changes in leadership, and more 

  • Drive engagement with the ability to like, comment, and share posts 

  • Measure engagement while making sure high-priority notices get read 


One municipality, one app 

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