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First Responders

Advancing First Responder Communication Is Our Priority


 Secure communications built for First Responders

Using the latest technological advances to keep first responders informed and safe, both during day to day operations and large scale emergencies is every jurisdiction's priority.

Emergency situations are more complex than ever before

Unio empowers first responders by addressing communication challenges confidently and ensuring they can connect to the right group, team or individuals regardless of the situation.

First responders need tools that improve connectivity, decision making, leadership visibility, and most importantly—organizational wide safety. That’s why first responders trust Unio.


Reach decision makers, teams, and the right people — faster

Unio’s reliable secure chat functionality makes it easy for first responders to stay organized and unified. Dedicated groups let leaders share essential information, keep teams connected and visible, and strengthen unity across the organization.

  • Create dedicated groups for individual calls, divisions, and teams

  • Send critical information instantly to everyone on-scene

  • Seamlessly connect teams and personnel from other agencies

  • Ensure all communications are time stamped and visible

A platform inspired by modern firefighters


Multiple Layers of Encryption

Data privacy and security is something we take seriously. Private communications are secured using AES-256, SHA-512, Argon 2ID, AES 256 GSM, ECDSA secP521r1, and web crypto.


Private Chats Stay Private

End-to-end encryption ensures your teams can safely share information in private chats. Unio doesn’t have the keys required to decrypt messages, meaning all private chats stay private.


HIPAA, GDPR, and PIPEDA Compliant

You don’t always have time to think about complex regulations during a medical emergency. Unio is compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, PIPEDA—and features 80+ security certifications.


Better Visibility Over Key Personnel

Stay informed with powerful functionality that lets you quickly share critical information, time stamps conversations, helps you keep track of firefighters and their locations, and more.


Reliable Communications

Radio communications aren’t always available. Give your firefighters a communications platform that streamlines voice and video calls, text messaging, and group chats.

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Keep Everyone Informed and Ready

Improve your team's ability to communicate and respond to emergencies. Unio is integration-friendly and simplifies sharing information with other responders and jurisdictions. 

Create a unified force that’s driven by community

Community plays an important role in Emergency Services across the country. Unio’s integrated newsfeed boosts visibility for important bulletins, organization events, and other initiatives that are important to your teams and the success of your missions.

  • Share daily briefings with team members

  • Drive more engagement with the ability to like, share, and comment on news

  • Strengthen unity within your station with a tool that puts your community first

  • Keep your volunteer teams up to date


Give your force the tools they need to safely and efficiently perform at high levels

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