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Secure Collaborative Communications. Powered by BlackBerry Spark

Bring your people together and create an engaging and connected company culture with the Unio collaboration platform.


Keep conversations organized

Let your people communicate on their own terms. Simplify the workday with an intuitive platform that gives your teams everything they need to connect and collaborate in one place. 

Ensure your teams are up to speed

Make sure important announcements get seen with Unio’s company-wide newsfeed. Scroll through a centralized hub of recent updates, news, and events.  

Guarantee your private messages stay private

Trust Unio to keep your messages secure with Blackberry’s airtight end-to-end encryption. We can’t see what you write even if we wanted to. Let’s keep it that way. 

Make it easy to work together

Bring all workplace communications under one roof with central rooms for messaging, conferencing, file sharing, and more. Spend less time bouncing between apps with all the right tools at your fingertips.

  • Get rid of the extra apps by unifying all your communications in one place

  • Quickly find anyone in your company and start chatting 

  • Stay connected from anywhere with intuitive on-the-go communications

Collaborate without worrying about privacy 

Make sure your virtual conversations are private and secure. Don’t worry about information being stolen, collected, or sold—we keep your data encrypted from all other eyes but yours. We can’t read your messages, and we don’t want to. 


Access powerful end-to-end encryption powered by BlackBerry Spark


Keep your private conversations private and out of the wrong hands


Focus less on security and more on driving your business forward


Build a sense of community in the workplace 

Unify more than just your communications. Connect where it counts with an integrated newsfeed that drives engagement, sparks a sense of community, and keeps your core values upfront and personal. 

  • Drive your company forward by creating an inclusive and unified company culture

  • Break down silos and unify your teams across the company

  • Measure engagement and ensure high-priority communications get read

Unio's Features

All the features your people need to do their best work.



Make sure every announcement is seen and discussed with Unio's dedicated newsfeed. 

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Central Groups

Stay focused and make decisions faster with organized channels for all work communication.

Voice & Video Calls.png

Voice & Video Calls

Powerful voice and video functionality that keeps the conversation going across devices. 

End-to-End Encryption.png

End-to-End Encryption

Keep your data safe and secure with access to BlackBerry's robust end-to-end encryption. 


Unify your workplace communications in one place

Work smarter and faster with Unio

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